Collection: ASME Section I with B31.1 and ASME Section IX

This seminar is a basic introductory overview of the Section I Power Boiler Code and related requirements of ASME B31.1 Power Piping.  The course describes the formatting and structure of Section I, its scope and its implementation in a Code Power Boiler fabrication program.

 The ASME B31.1 segment focuses on Boiler External Piping (BEP) construction details, including weld joint preparation and alignment, tack welds, required weld sizing, welding qualification requirements, final weld acceptance criteria, preheat recommendations, postweld heat treatment (PWHT) requirements and exemptions, NDE requirements, pressure testing, Section I Code stamping requirements and Data Report preparation.

Introduction to ASME Section I, with B31.1 and ASME Section IX






General Requirements

Basic Design Philosophy

Welded Fabrication Requirements

Welding Procedure Qualifications

Acceptable Materials

Design Loads

Cutting Plates and other Stock


BEP Restrictions

Determining Design Parameters

Joint Preparation

Welding Performance Qualifications

Pressure Testing, Manufacturer’s Data Report and More

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone using or considering using ASME Code to construct, purchase or install boiler and or do you need                pressure vessels for Section I and IX?
  • New or experienced individuals who desire an improved understanding of Code of construction requirements
  • Sales, Quality Control, Engineering individuals involved with boiler and do you need pressure vessels for                  Section I and IX?

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