Collection: ASME Section IX and NBIC

Who Should Attend?

•      Anyone interested in expanding their understanding of National Board Inspection Code and ASME Section IX

Why should you attend?

•       To gain a better understanding of the
National Board Inspection Code (NBIC)
and  its requirements for performing
repairs and alterations of ASME Code
pressure retaining items.

•       Understand the formatting and structure of the NBIC

•       Implementation in an NBIC compliant
quality program

•       Understanding Installation and Inspection

•       Understanding welded repairs and

•       To gain a better understanding of ASME Section IX Welding Requirements

•       To gain a better understanding of ASME Section IX in  Welding Procedures and Qualifications, Welding Processes, and Welding Performance Qualifications

NBIC Repairs and Alterations

ASME Section IX – Welding Qualifications

General Requirements

General Requirements

Quality Manual

Welding Procedure Qualifications

PWHT/ Alternative Welding Methods

Welding Processes

Types of Repairs / Alterations

Welding Performance Qualifications


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